Facebook Page Analysis


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If you have a Facebook business page and you want is to be successful then this is the gig for you.

This gig is the most logical place to start when it comes to Facebook Marketing and this is why it's my #1 gig on Fiverr

This gig is where I teach you many tips and strategies on how to improve your Facebook page to make it successful via a unique 15min PERSONALIZED screen recorded video. It's as if I'm right there beside you looking at your Facebook page providing you the best tips, tricks and strategies.


I can even help you if your page is brand new with no content!

I show you the areas of your FB page where you are strong and the areas you are weak. The weak areas sometimes you can make a few tweaks in your posts and fix and sometimes I will recommend gigs that fix the issue (no obligation to order).

I then in my video explain it all in common everyday language anyone can understand so you can even have your other page admins watch my video to bring them up to speed.

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Listen to me being interviewed in this Podcast ► https://soundcloud.com/paint-ed-podcast/facebook-health-diagnostics-for-business-profiles-with-murray-swift

I spend approx 40min of my time recording my recommendations video and then 60min to edit down into a very concise 15-20min video that is super personalized to your page and brand. I then upload it you YouTube as an unlisted video for you to watch as well as your page admins to help train them.

Order the Standard or Premium Plan if you want excellent results with guidance from my 7 Facebook marketing ebooks (short & succinct guides), and most importantly you will get my post analysis ACTION PLAN. Premium plan is ideal if you want more advanced and thorough training about how to go from Beginner to Pro with Facebook Ads with Facebook Ad Remarketing and learn how to run Facebook Live like a pro for massive engagement on your Facebook page.

Also Premium plan includes access to the BEST Facebook Video Ads Course. See this short overview video below. You get access to over 30 training videos that you can watch as fast or as slow as you like with lifetime access.

This gig will also give you the Big Picture on how my other gigs can work in with your overall Digital Marketing Strategy. It's almost a substitute to my consultation gig in a way as you get all my knowledge & expertise all laid out for you in an informative & PERSONALIZED screen recorded video.

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