About Me

From the desk of Creativeman…

I want you to know that I respect and value you regardless of whether we do any business together. The very fact you are on Fiverr tells me you are an action taker. Fiverr is an awesome platform for buyers and sellers. For me personally, I don’t just sell on Fiverr I also fully know what it’s like to buy services on Fiverr, Since 2012 each and every year I’ve been buying hundreds of gigs and since 2013 I’ve sold thousands digital marketing services to all kinds of people, representing all kinds of niches. In fact when I look at my Fiverr analytics you can see I’ve sold services to every country shaded in black on this world Map (Which is most developed countries).

I totally understand how it can be overwhelming sometimes when you ask a simple question of me and I message you a really long response. The main reason I send long messages, with the greatest respect to other sellers, is because my gigs are pretty detailed. You know Digital Marketing like most niches out there, it’s an ever changing landscape. I’m always focusing on what’s working right now so many of my gigs require a detailed explanation so you can make an informed decision. I’ve found the best way I can do this is by sending you examples & case study videos. If you have any questions feel free to message me on Fiverr or order my digital marketing consultation gig so we can speak face to face and share our screens via skype. I look forward to working with you.

I'm way over in the corner of the world in New Zealand and you probably can't find it on the world map as this fun video shows…

Have an awesome day =)

Murray / Creativeman